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No Hassles, it's All Included!

Because we take your comfort and satisfaction very seriously, we design and construct every Distinctive Home with all the green features you'll need. There will be no need to call back contractors for add-ons and retrofits, no extra costs to get your home even greener, no second guessing or 'maybe we should have's. Once you move in, you can simply start living.

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Distinctive Homes builds your home green - what's in it for you?
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Blown blanket insulation (BIBBS) is like a floor-to-ceiling thermal blanket wrapped around your home. If effectively fills every nook and cranny, making it easy to maintain low energy bills and a high level of home comfort. It's also nearly five times better than fibreglass insulation as a sound barrier, so it keeps outside noises out and inside noises in.

The use of sealed plastic electrical boxes in all exterior walls prevents drafts and air penetration.

80,000 BTU 95% efficient furnace with zone control allows you to maintain perfect comfort on every level of your home. The programmable digital thermostat/humidistat allows you to create a heating program that fits your life schedule – an easy way to save money. And you won't receive a thick manual to do it yourself: you'll get hands-on training from Distinctive Homes.

The combination of the advanced insulation, heating system, ventilation system and air sealed house wrap offers Distinctive Home owners the benefit a healthy, quiet comfortable home while saving you money on your energy bills.

Energy Star appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines are 40% more efficient than national standards, so reducing your utility costs every day becomes virtually effortless.

Low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets maximize water pressure while minimizing water usage.

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All exterior finishes are durable long last product (cement fibre siding, stone and stucco) require minimum care and reduce maintenance costs.

Low E windows provide protection for your floors and furnishings. The south facing windows offer solar gain reducing energy costs.

Metermatic water softener delivers soothing soft water while reducing calcium build-up in faucets and fixtures.

Mastic-sealed ducts ensure that your highly efficient furnace operates at its best to minimize heating costs while keeping your home cosy
and comfortable.

Metal-clad vinyl, low-e, dual-pane windows combine durability with superior thermal resistance and unparalleled UV protection to guard your household items against sun damage. For the homes in Venezie, Distinctive Homes has selected the Harmony series by Gienow, which melds classic style with a proven track record of performance and reliability.

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HRV (heat recovery ventilation) system exhausts unhealthy stale air and supplies fresh air to your home 24 hours a day. It also regulates humidity levels and balances internal air pressure to minimize the risk of harmful mould.

Prefinished hardwood flooring and low-VOC interior paints reduce unhealthy toxins and help create a healthy indoor environment.